Dickinson's Top Traeger Dealer

We know that it is important to grill your food just to the perfect taste. That is why we have Traeger Wood Fired Grills available at Keyworth's Hardware. These amazing grills give you the best smoked flavor you will ever experience. We know that you should join the Traeger family just like so many others have already done.

Traeger has revolutionized the grilling industry with these wood pellet grills, wood pellets, sauses, rubs, and grilling spices that are available on the market. These are the best grills on the market as they offer you the ability to cook almost anything with that hardwood flavor you crave. They are easy to use, versatile, and consistent every time you turn them on.

You can find Traeger grills, Traeger spices, rubs, and sauces, Traeger wood pellets, and all the support you need near you at your locally owned and operated Keyworth's Hardware in Dickinson, Texas.


This is Why YOU Should Buy a Traeger Grill at Keyworth's Hardware

Just think about how excited you will be when everyone wants you taking care of all the cooking because they know you have the best grill on the market. But the part they won't know, is how easy these grills are to use. You can become a grill master when using the Traeger Wood Fired Grills from Keyworth's Hardware.

Here are Just 5 Reasons to Buy a Traeger Grill

Traeger Consistency


Traeger grills help you grill like a pro by eliminating the temperature variable. Cook your food to perfection each and every time by trusting your Traeger to set and maintain the right temps. Because of this, you can master any recipe and any food with confidence.


There really are not any foods that you can't grill on a Traeger. With a Traeger grill from Keyworth's Hardware, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ just about any food you want. Its 6-in-1 capability allows you to cook everything from vegetables, chili, mac and cheese, and of course all types of delicious meat, poultry, and fish.

Traeger Versatility

Traeger Ease


Set the simple controls, put the food on the grill, and walk away. It is absolutely that easy. You can spend more time doing other things with your family and friends because of way Traeger has put together these grills. When you are looking for the easiest grill to use, come to Keyworth's Hardware in Dickinson, TX.


Hardwood pellets offer a variety of flavors that a Traeger wood fired grill naturally infuses into your food a smoky flavor. You can really enhance your next meal with new flavors like Apple, Cherry, Mesquite, Hickory, and many more. The Traeger wood pellets make for a pure hardwood flavor you just can't resist.

Traeger Taste

Traeger Community


Traeger wood fired grill owners have become a class of their own. The world-class support and customer service, along with the huge number of grillers online giving tips sure make it so there is no reason to go with another grill.